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Before our family moved to the beautiful island of Cyprus in 2012, we used to live in Singapore and we had decided to buy a MICRO scooter for our two-year-old son as a Christmas present! That’s when we realised what a great quality scooter it is and how much our son used to enjoy his rides. So, as soon as we realised that there were models for adults, we got another two for ourselves! From then on, our family rides on our MICRO scooters became a tradition and we always took them everywhere we went!

The time came when we would move to Cyprus where the weather is fantastic seven months a year so we had the idea to introduce MICRO scooters to the Cypriot market. We’ve created our little family business and now we continue to ride our scooters everywhere as a family, not only promoting the MICRO brand. Slowly but steadily other brands also were added in our shop like BERG Pedal Karts and Trampolines, WABOBA and AQUAMARINA Stand Up Paddles and Kayaks. Our products are advocates of excellent quality, comfort, fun, exercise, relaxation and of course bonding within families. Besides, these are the priorities and values of our business and our life.


We are the Exclusive Distributors of MICRO scooters, BERG Pedal Karts, AQUAMARINA inflatable Stand Up Paddles (SUP), and you can find even more surprises in our shop ‘La Roue Libre’ located at 48A,B,C Limassol Avenue in Nicosia.

We offer products of exceptional quality and design for babies, toddlers, and adults that are not only fun but are also a way of transportation and a great and ecological way to exercise, and to bond with children outdoors. We believe in products for outdoor use given the great weather we have in Cyprus with our top priorities being quality, safety, comfort, fun, innovation, relaxation and bonding within families. These are the values of our family-run business and in our shop we offer only products that correspond to these values and to the image and our vision of our company.


Feel free to take some time to look at our current products and brands! You can find us at our shop ‘La Roue Libre – Η Ρόδα Κυλά’ at 48A,B,C Limassol Avenue in Nicosia . We also take orders if you contact us or over the phone and we deliver island wide! If you require further information please do not hesitate to call us on +357 96563820 or email us at info@larouelibre-cyprus.com.